Tuesday, February 12, 2013



What did you see from that picture?
Some of you might give me an answer: A BLACK DOT.
Yep, that’s correct.

What if I give you this picture ?

And, again. Some of you might give me an answer : A WHITE DOT.
Yep, that’s correct also.

Did I ask this simple question for nothing? There is something you should know. What it is?

First Picture, there wasn’t only a BLACK DOT.
Second Picture, there wasn’t only a WHITE DOT.

But, please see it from another point of view.

First Picture, THERE IS A HUGE WHITE area
Second Picture, THERE IS A HUGE BLACK area

What’s the point?
Here they are..

  1. Don’t judge by it’s first glance
  2. Don’t focused from what you see at glance
  3. Don’t forget the white area with black dot
  4. Don’t forget the black area with white dot
  5. Don’t forget other’s  million kindness after seeing one simple mistake
  6. Don’t forget other’s  million success after seeing one simple failure
Commonly -including me-  have some thought just like the first and second answer. I just seeing the black dot instead the white area.

For sure, i have to change this paradigm ... Not just for me, but for others..

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